Monthly Tuition


All memberships are paid monthly. At least 8 classes are included and  offered for each month. Students are allowed two makeup classes in the  current month.

Individual Rate:                                                 Price per Month  

Single Student                                                         $80                            

Family Rates for Immediate Household:               

2 Members                                                                $145                           

3 Members                                                                $200

4+ Members                                                              $225

Terms & Conditions

1. Students enroll for a 12 month time period and pay tuition on a monthly basis. 

Students can take up to 3 months off during the 12 month agreement. Tuition will continue to be charged during the time off, however will be credited to future months when a student returns to train. 

*Example: John takes the months of June, July, & August off. Tuition is paid for those months, however when he returns in September, tuition will not be charged for September, October, and November.

2. The monthly tuition is due by the 7th of each month for that month’s classes unless otherwise approved. A $10 late fee will be charged after the 10th. Full tuition is due regardless of attendance.

3. If a student terminates prior to the 12 month enrollment period, there will be a fee charged equal to one month of classes.

2. Failure to attend class does not signify or imply notification to cancel enrollment.

3. You may cancel this agreement without penalty within the first month of the agreement or if the student changes residence more than 20 miles from the school. 

4. If student wishes to cancel membership a notice in person or by text, mail, or email must be sent. If the enrollment is breached, the student must pay one month tuition as a cancellation fee. Tuition paid up to this point and other down payments are non-refundable.

5. School administrators may close the school on national holidays, for the purpose of special events, and a period not exceeding four weeks per year for necessary maintenance and other purposes without affecting scheduled tuition payments. On average 8 classes a month will be offered.

6. By entering into the agreement the undersigned grants the school permission to use photographs, videotapes, artwork or other likenesses of the student for marketing, trade, publishing or any other lawful purpose.

7. Full payment of tuition and testing fees does not guarantee belt certification. Membership is non-transferable.

Student Registration Form

Student Registration Form must be filled out and signed prior to trying class. If student is under 18 years old a parental signature is required.

Student Registration Form (pdf)