What costs are associated with martial arts?
     Besides the monthly payment, the sign up fee ($30), which includes a  uniform is the only initial startup cost. Eventually, when the student  is ready to test, a testing fee for each rank is necessary. Also, before  testing for their yellow belt, students will need a set of sparring  gear. Price is anywhere between $98-145 for a complete sparring gear  set.

What does Taekwondo mean?
    Taekwondo  means the way of the foot and fist. Taekwondo is a martial art form that  originated in Korea. Many of the terms used in class are Korean words.  We bow to the American and Korean flags before and after class. The  student pledge and tenants, common in most martial art schools, are  practiced each class.

How does one achieve a new belt?
     Everyone must be tested in order to advance in rank. A testing  consists of all the students and instructors meeting at a prearranged  location. There the students perform in front of a panel of black belt  judges. The performance includes demonstrating a form and self-defense  moves. Sparring, board breaking, and/or multiple forms apply to those  higher in rank.

When do the testings take place and can anyone watch?
    Testings are generally every three months. Family members and friends are welcome to attend.

How long will it take to get a black belt?
     In order to earn a black belt, one must go through years of difficult  training. A panel of Instructors will rigorously test all black belts to  assess their physical and mental capacity. It is possible, however  rarely done, to achieve a Associate black belt in four and a half years.  One of the advantages of martial arts is the ability to progress at  your own pace. (The only person you’re competing against is yourself.)

What is a form?
     Forms consist of training patterns/moves one memorizes. For each rank  there is a different form. Forms increase in length and difficulty as  one moves up in rank.

What is sparring?
     Contact sparring is an essential part of ones training. Even the  children, carefully supervised, enjoy and participate in sparring.  Students must have full gear to spar. (Head, hand, and foot gear, shin  pads, mouth guard, and groin protector if applicable, are used) When  sparring we work with a partner, not an opponent, in improving skills in  a more realistic exercise.

How many colors or belt ranks are there?
     Martial Art schools vary in number of and color of ranks. This school  uses the basic 10 belt system. Yellow, Yellow 2, Green, Green 2, Blue,  Blue 2, Brown, Brown 2, Red, Red 2, and Black.