Rock Solid Martial Art Classes


What We Offer

We train in various martial art styles which focus on traditional values such as respect, courtesy, and discipline. Formally Family Taekwondo,  Rock Solid MA is a true mixed martial arts school teaching Taekwondo,  Tang So doo, Muay Thai, Boxing, Self Defense, Krav Maga, Akido, Jiu-Jitsu, and  Escrima. Students are trained and tested with a focus on self-defense applications through our blended curriculum.


Depending upon the students age and experience, class times will vary. Go to class information and click on class schedule to view times. 


Our forms originate in South Korea, and are from the International Taekwondo Association. Other forms are from the Tang-Soo Doo martial arts style which is similar. Forms are patterns of moves students learn in preparation for testing, and each rank introduces a new one. 


Our self defense curriculum is blended with several martial art styles from bully defense, escape moves, to adult/predator defense. We cover a variety of moves from standing positions and on the ground. Our goal is for students to learn proven and effective moves to defend themselves no matter the attacker(s).


Sparring involves working with a partner to improve boxing, kicking, and footwork.  We start with no contact and depending on a students age, we work towards light to medium contact. Helmet, hand, and foot pads are worn for protection. Sparring is about learning to control yourself (physically and emotionally) in a more realistic setting. It takes more talent and control to stop a kick or punch and inch away from someone than to swing and hit them hard. 

Board Breaking

At blue belt (over a year into the program) students break boards to demonstrate they have mastered a technique enough to follow through with confidence. Board breaking is one of the most difficult aspects of training and takes perseverance, a mind over matter mentality, and excellent technique. At Rock Solid Martial Arts, real pine boards (purchased at the local lumber store) are used. We do not use the pre-broken or balsa wood most schools use. We are firm believers in building real self confidence and technique through trial and error.